Bunnylounge 2.0

The base

Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Length 3 and height 2
All-wheel drive
Year of construction 2023
Bunnylounge 2.0

The ideal family camper for all those who not only share the freedom, but also the sleeping space.

That’s why we developed this version and appropriately named it “Bunnylounge 2.0”.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 419 with permanent all-wheel drive and a length of 7 meters, we implemented this extension.

The living area was strictly separated from the cockpit. This creates a great deal of freedom of movement. The U-shaped seating area offers space for many guests and also forms a bed measuring 1750 mm x 2000 mm. There is plenty of storage space under the seats, which also houses all the technology. Cooking is done with shore power on induction and self-sufficiently with two gas burners. A modular furniture unit is modular and therefore allows an additional seat to be installed.

The arrangement of the furniture and the resulting floor plan, together with the selected surfaces, create a very special feeling of space.

3 Sleeping places
4 Seats
Base area
7,7 m²
Total mass
4.100 kg
Payload (empty)
640 kg

Outdoor lighting
Opening window
Base plate
Roof hoods
Displays & controls
Ceiling lighting
Shower tray
Single seat
Veneer work
Underfloor heating
Gas systems
Taps and showers
Rear garages
Indirect lighting
Individual components
Air conditioning
Complete wheels
Cool boxes
Shore power 230V
Reading lamps
Wall units
Rail bottom
Seating furniture
Parking heater
Technical tests
Cladding parts
Water tanks
Inverters and combined devices
Second battery
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Real wood surfaces in the kitchen and on the table were finished with three coats of clear lacquer.
100 liters of refrigerator capacity, divided between a refrigerator and a refrigerator drawer.
Hybrid hob with shore power and gas system.
Two waste garbage cans set into the kitchen worktop.
Ceiling covered with white HPL, shadow gaps milled in.
TV system with Smart TV function thanks to built-in WLAN router.
Large seating area with permanent transverse bed in the rear for relaxing hours.

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