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Why do I need a gas system in my campervan?

Hello adventurer! Are you dreaming of boundless freedom on four wheels and a campervan that is not only stylish but also functional? Then VanMe is the right place for you! We are your experts for custom campervan interiors, and today we are focusing on the important topic of gas systems. But why is a gas system so essential in your campervan?

Cooking like at home

A gas system allows you to cook on the go as if you were in your own kitchen. Whether you want to make a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or cook a delicious dinner in the evening, our tailor-made gas systems make life in your campervan as comfortable as possible. Enjoy the freedom to conjure up your favorite dishes, no matter where your journey takes you.

Independence from power sources

With a gas system, you are independent of external power sources. This means that you don’t have to rely on campsites with electricity. Your campervan becomes a self-sufficient companion and you can discover remote places without having to forego the luxury of hot meals or a hot shower.

Heating for cozy evenings

A gas heater in conjunction with a gas system ensures that your campervan stays cozy even on chilly evenings. Enjoy the freedom to travel all year round and make yourself really comfortable in your campervan, whatever the weather.

What requirements must be met for installation?

Are you convinced of the benefits of a gas system and want to integrate it into your campervan? Here are the main requirements that you should consider before installation:

Safety first and foremost

Safety is VanMe’s top priority. It is therefore important that your gas system is installed by experts. Our experienced team not only ensures professional installation, but also provides you with comprehensive advice on all security-related aspects.

Space requirement and positioning

Before we start with the installation, we clarify the best place for your gas system. We consider not only the need for storage space, but also the safety aspects. We adapt the gas system individually to the conditions of your campervan.

Ventilation and exhaust gas discharge

Proper ventilation and flue gas discharge are crucial for the safe operation of the gas system. VanMe ensures that these aspects are optimally implemented to guarantee safe use.

Precise planning and installation

Every campervan is unique, just like its owners. That’s why we at VanMe cater to your individual wishes. Whether you want a compact gas system for minimalist travel or extensive equipment for longer tours – we plan and install your gas system precisely according to your requirements.


A gas system is not only a practical element in the campervan, but a real must-have for more comfort and independence on the road. At VanMe, we accompany you from planning to implementation and turn your campervan into your own personal adventure companion. Experience the freedom of traveling without compromise – with a tailor-made gas system from VanMe. Contact us today and let’s make your dream of the perfect campervan come true together!

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