Van in Black

The base

Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Length 3 and height 2
Rear drive
Year of construction 2020
Van in Black

This elegant campervan was christened the “Van in Black”.

The name is derived from the special interior and exterior design. The combination of dark furniture surfaces and horizontal real wood surfaces creates a unique overall look. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a length of 7 meters and standing height in the interior has been designed for a growing family.

With its total mass of 3.5 tons, the campervan can still carry 350 kg. It is powered by rear-wheel drive and supported by all-terrain tires from BF Goodrich. The large lengthways bed in the rear offers enough sleeping space for the first few years. The Schnierle system floor grows with the new family members. Horizontal curves and all-round veneered surfaces on the wall units allow the cabinets to merge with the veneer of the real wood ceiling and make the room appear larger.

3 Sleeping places
4 Seats
Base area
7,7 m²
Total mass
3.500 kg
Payload (empty)
350 kg

Displays & controls
Opening window
Base plate
Roof hoods
Rotary console
Single seat
Veneer work
Complete wheels
Cool boxes
Shore power 230V
Parking heater
Cladding parts
Water tanks
Inverters and combined devices
Second battery
Taps and showers
Rear garages
Indirect lighting
Individual components
Reading lamps
Wall units
Rail bottom
Technical tests
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Three compressor refrigerator drawers on top of each other result in a volume of 90 liters
Horizontal curves on the wall units
Veneered real wood surfaces around the wall units, on the headlining and on the interior paneling
Concealed separating toilet on lockable heavy-duty pull-outs
System floor for easy installation and removal of individual seats
Divided rear garage with large subdivided rear pull-out
Large loading area with airline rails for load securing, accessible from inside and outside
Very large lengthways bed in the rear measuring (L x W) 1990 mm x 1750 mm
Removable 2-burner spirit stove

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