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Do you have special needs and can’t find anything on the market? We produce all individual components for you that our state-of-the-art technology allows.
A furniture line accommodates all the necessary components of your campervan. And it decorates the room with its shapes and colors. You decide which ones.
Active ventilation is an absolute must for the ideal climate in a closed room.
Together in a circle? Or would you prefer opposite? However you want to sit in your campervan: We make it possible. Almost always.
The rear garage of your camper is the place for almost everything you need to take with you on your trip. We help you to make the best possible and individual use of the space.
Every day of your vacation starts in bed. Only those who feel they have enough space and good comfort when sleeping can enjoy their journey to the full.
With the kitchen with you, you feel free. Traveling with your own kitchen on board gives “culinary” a whole new meaning – and you tell us how you’d like it.
A shower on the beach is simply something special. The only thing finer is if it’s your own. How did you come to this? Just ask us.
We usually see the largest rooms when we look upwards. Overhead lockers in a vehicle offer a lot of storage space and create a clear order.
Running water turns a van into a second home. Our systems allow taps just like in the kitchen at home.
Indirect lighting systems provide a pleasant feeling of space in the campervan. Where can we install them for you?
The interior of your campervan should be well lit, but also offer a cozy atmosphere. We have just the thing for you: We install warm white dimmable LED light in the ceilings.
We install a gooseneck lamp in the desired location for those relaxing moments with a book or for reaching for a bottle of water by the bed.
Your safety is important to us. That’s why we check the technology of your campervan in accordance with legal requirements. In addition to our trained specialist staff, the North German TÜV-Hanse also visits us regularly.
Do you want to transport bikes, a spare wheel and other outdoor equipment? Our rear carrier systems offer you the right connection to your vehicle.
Here, too, everything runs smoothly: we will find the exact wheel and tire combination for you that offers maximum grip and the desired comfort.
So that you can check all the values at a glance, our tanks and batteries are fitted with probes that measure everything in real time.
We equip the beds of your campervan with high-quality mattresses for soft dreams. They are produced to fit every bed perfectly and are at least 13 cm thick – providing sleeping comfort even for sensitive people.
We install stationary or mobile gas systems in your campervan to give you the cooking results of a restaurant kitchen. All systems are tested and approved in-house.
When you travel, you leave your work behind. The only business that needs to be conducted on vacation should be sustainable and odor-free. We have the right dry separation toilet for every accommodation in the room concept.
Want to cook just like at home on the stove? We make everything possible. You can choose between gas, alcohol or electricity. Grab the big pots and cook with induction on the beach.
To keep your food cool, we only use cool boxes with compressors. We place the cool box on lockable heavy-duty pull-outs. So it disappears safely into your furniture.
Would you like to refrigerate and sort your food just like in your kitchen at home? We offer you the right compressor refrigerator and place it in your furniture.
Do you like warm feet even in your campervan? Then you’ll love our underfloor heating – also because fewer shoes are worn in the car.
We equip bathrooms with full showers to ensure hygiene at every spot. The matching tray is available in materials such as stainless steel or coated solid wood.
A campervan without a washbasin is like a toothpick without a tip. It remains the same, but does not clean anything.
For more sunlight in the van, we fit the matching roof hood. The great thing about it is that it is also ideal for stargazing at night.
Windows are important for fresh air and natural light in your campervan. They should be functional hinged windows with insect screens and darkening.
We have the tailor-made interior trim for your vehicle. We design the surface and type of construction entirely according to your ideas. Every beautiful room begins with a wall.
We perceive our environment through haptics and optics. A surface made of real wood positively stimulates our senses.
To give surfaces a homely touch, we finish them with 4D needle felt. This felt can be used to cover flat surfaces just as cleanly as areas with pronounced contours.
The right floor transforms a loading area into a dance floor. To reduce the weight of the large component and give it a sensible surface, we use hybrid panels with a hard foam core and organic vinyl flooring.
If you wish, we can do more than just get your wheels turning. With the matching swivel consoles, you can turn your front seats around and integrate them into the room concept.
Whether you want it to be atmospheric or really bright: We can install the right exterior lighting for your campervan.
To ensure that water bubbles out of your taps, we install a water tank with a volume that matches your usage. Whether standard size or special shape, everything is possible. This allows us to utilize every possible space.
So that you can enjoy your home on wheels in any climate, we offer you the right device to control the indoor climate.
Are you taking paths that provoke collisions? Then protect your vehicle with a front bar. All models are tested and approved.
Every journey begins with getting into your vehicle. To help you with this step, we can install electric steps at the respective entrances on request.
For maximum freedom in designing the layout, we can add longsleeper to the rear on request. These GRP jaws enable a transverse bed with a length of 192 to 196 cm.
Using electrical appliances from home in the campervan while on the road? Of course! Tell us what you want – we will configure the right system for you, reconciling direct current and alternating current.
For your self-sufficient energy supply, we will install a customized battery system to suit your consumption.
The sun is shining and the drinks are cold. This goes on forever when the sun is beating down on a panel. We configure and install the right solar system for a self-sufficient power supply.
Power socket nearby? Then simply plug in your campervan and use the shore power directly! This way you charge your batteries at the same time and significantly extend the service life.
Combine sitting and sleeping options? You can – with a sofa bed! We can install one for you on request.
Do you want to be able to stand upright in your vehicle? No problem: we’ll fit you with the right fixed high roof. Also available painted in the matching car color.
Do you need another registered office? And only when you really need it? A single seat with a connection on a rail fulfills precisely these requirements.
For maximum flexibility in your room concept, we install a rail floor on which you can attach seating systems or furniture modules anywhere in your campervan.
We install the right parking heater systems in your campervan to provide the desired heat in your room and the water-bearing fittings.
Want to transform your camper into another room? Then a pop-top roof is just the thing for you.
Our Services
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