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Our camper conversion process

6 steps to your dream camper

Your brilliant idea

Have you decided to have a customized camper built?

Then you usually start researching on the Internet. You can find us on our website, on Facebook or on Instagram.
Get in touch with us!

We will be happy to advise you in the first meeting and explain our working methods.
If you are happy with what we discuss, we will be happy to take the next steps.

From the initial consultation to the cost estimate.

The first contact is usually made by telephone or e-mail.

If you are interested, we will arrange an appointment for an initial meeting. We record all the information about your project together.
With this information we can prepare the first calculation. A well-founded calculation takes some time – the average time required is 20 hours.
The result is a transparent and clear cost breakdown for the individual items of the project in the form of an Excel file.
This file is used to finalize the scope of the desired services.
We charge € 950 as an expense allowance for the creation of this file. If you accept the resulting cost estimate, the 950 € will be offset against the total cost of the project.

The acceptance of the cost estimate and the booking of a building site are linked to a down payment – 50 percent of the estimated costs are now due. If all the requirements are met, we will get in touch and arrange an appointment with you.

Now you can count the days until you can experience unforgettable moments with your dream camper.

You hand over your vehicle to us.

Thank you for accepting our offer.

Our joint project will start soon.

Now it’s time for you to hand over your vehicle to us.

You return the vehicle to us at least four weeks before the start of the project. We use this time to take measurements and create the CAD.
The vehicle must be registered, and you hand over the vehicle registration certificate part 1 – we need this for the approval of the conversions by TÜV Nord.
At the handover, we document the current condition of the vehicle together with you. We then take our time to discuss the accepted services and clarify any unanswered questions, for example about the decors and colors.

As soon as we can present the first results in the CAD representation, we will get in touch with you.

The measurement and the CAD drawing.

The first stage of production begins.

Your vehicle is measured and a true-to-scale 3D drawing (CAD) is created.

We measure your vehicle using the latest laser and lidar scanner technology.

The collected data is then processed in our CAD program and a 3D model of your vehicle is created. We then use this 3D model to develop and design your interior fittings.

First of all, collision tests are carried out with static components of the vehicle and necessary cut-outs or fastenings of the fixtures.

This results in the final position of the components and the resulting functional floor plan.

We now plan the interior fittings in our drawing program and create a true-to-scale 3D model with all the furniture modules and components.

As your wishes and requirements for the interior fit-out are paramount, we will invite you for a meeting on site or send you drafts of the interior fit-out developed by e-mail. We only initiate the next step once you have approved the CAD drawing.

Production begins in our factory.

Do you like the drawings? Then start production in our manufactory now.

Based on many years of experience, we have defined optimum process sequences for production. Your vehicle goes through these processes in a clear sequence.

Despite effective technology and modern tools, a great deal of manual work goes into individual interior fittings.

The building materials and coatings used are all laid, joined and applied by hand.

Every component of your furniture passes through the hands of our specialist staff several times during production.

Fortunately, to this day nothing can replace the versatility and precision of a trained hand.

Your individual interior fittings are growing.

As soon as the construction phase is complete, all furniture modules and components are tested for function. Only when the test protocol has been passed 100 percent do we have the car reconditioned. And then? Then we will make an appointment with you for the handover!

The journey starts soon.

The handover of your dream camper.

The day has come!

We hand over your vehicle, which we have customized according to your individual wishes.

A stirring moment! For the first time, you will see the result of our joint project and directly feel the special space.

After your emotions have returned to a more or less normal state, we will give you several hours of instruction on the function and operation of all components. We will explain everything to you at your leisure and check all the functions with you once again.

We will provide you with a folder containing all the operating instructions for the installed devices and all the necessary circuit diagrams. An essential part of these documents is a handover protocol with instructions on the use of the interior fittings and the materials used.

With the signing of this protocol, the project is deemed to have been accepted. You agree to a service after approx. 3000 kilometers. Correct: We check all individual extensions again after the first major excursions. As every interior fit-out is as individual as its owners, it needs to be checked again after an initial test phase by the owner. Have you already developed further wishes? We can also talk about this on this occasion.

But now you finally get the key to your dream camper – the journey can begin.

We would like to thank you for the joint project and wish you unforgettable memories with your new campervan. Your VanMe team

Camper conversion Working areas

How do we work?

CNC machine

Our CNC 3-axis milling machine with vacuum table is the heart of our production. It cuts out the programmed contours and drill holes from the panel material. After the CNC machine, the milled components are reworked by hand to prepare them for assembly.

  • Nesting machine with three axes.
  • Spindle with interchangeable head.
  • Vacuum table with several fields.
  • Table size 3000 x 2000mm.


Each component passes through the skilled hands of our specialist staff several times. No machine can replace the feel and functionality of a skilled craftsman’s hand. The connectors, fittings and components are combined by hand to create furniture.

  • Handmade by VanMe.
  • Every component passes through the hands of our employees several times.
  • Adaptation to given contours and precise installation by experienced craftsmen.
  • Craftsmanship is experience and experience takes time.

CAD / CAM Planning

Using one of the most modern drawing programs for CAD and CAM applications, we develop and design a true-to-scale 3D model of your interior fittings. Thanks to this technology, we can coordinate the final result with you before production begins in the manufactory.

  • True to scale representation.
  • Creation of a 3D model.
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Definition of tool paths for the CNC machine.
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Car body construction

We have a range of tools that are required for the necessary work on car bodies. When making cut-outs in the approved body surfaces, we only use saws that produce the coarsest possible chip. These machines are used to process profiles and rails with the utmost precision.

  • Compressed air body saws.
  • Nibbler for sheet metal.
  • Non-sparking metal cross-cut saw.
  • Tools for grinding work and deburring cut edges.
  • Pneumatic riveting machines.

Measurement and contour acceptance

We measure everything with the utmost precision, using folding rulers, laser measuring devices and state-of-the-art technology such as Lidar scanners. That’s why we can visualize interior design wishes and ideas in a precise 3D model – essential for a professional result.

  • Standard contour gauges.
  • Folding rule and pencil.
  • Laser measuring devices for precise measuring points.
  • Lidar scanner for three-dimensional contours.

Automotive engineering

Thanks to our 2-post lift, we can safely lift any standard vehicle. This allows us to make technical modifications to the vehicle, such as fitting auxiliary heating or additional seat systems.

  • 2-post lift up to 5000 kg.
  • Compressed air impact wrench.
  • Torque wrenches and automotive tools.
  • Hydraulic lifting aids.

Your idea, our expansion

The average distribution of expenses
in %
26 %
46 %
13 %
Planning & development
5 %
Prototype construction
6 %
Exchange with customers
3 %
Tests & test drives
1 %
Organization & Service

Individual interior fit-out projects

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