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Hi camper! Do you dream of warm feet and cozy warmth in your campervan, no matter how cold it is outside? At VanMe, we specialize in integrating underfloor heating into your campervan to create a cosy home on wheels. In this article, you’ll find out why underfloor heating in a campervan is not just a luxury, but also a practical feature, and what requirements should be met for installation.

Why do I need underfloor heating in my campervan?

1. comfort and coziness:

Underfloor heating ensures even and pleasant heat distribution throughout the campervan. You can look forward to being out and about barefoot in colder seasons or regions without getting cold feet.

2. efficient use of heat:

Compared to conventional heating systems, underfloor heating makes more efficient use of the room. The heat rises evenly, heating the entire room. The result is a pleasant temperature without cold corners.

3. space-saving:

Underfloor heating systems do not require additional radiators or ventilation shafts. This leaves more space for your personal belongings and the interior of the campervan can be designed more flexibly.

4. heat on the move:

Whether you’re sleeping, cooking or relaxing in the campervan – the underfloor heating is with you everywhere. Enjoy the luxury of warmth wherever you are in the vehicle.

What requirements must be met for installation?

1. insulation:

In order for the underfloor heating to work efficiently, good insulation of the campervan is crucial. Our experts at VanMe will check the current condition of your vehicle and recommend additional insulation measures if necessary.

2. power supply:

Underfloor heating systems require a reliable power supply. Make sure that your campervan has a powerful battery or a connection to the power grid to operate the underfloor heating efficiently. At VanMe, we are happy to advise you on choosing the right solution.

3. soil conditions:

The installation of underfloor heating requires a level and stable floor surface. Our experts at VanMe check the condition of the floor and, if necessary, prepare it to ensure that the underfloor heating works optimally.

4. professional installation:

For underfloor heating to function optimally, professional installation is crucial. Our specialists at VanMe use their experience and craftsmanship to install the underfloor heating with precision.

Discover the world of warm campervan travel with VanMe

Ready for warm feet and cozy hours in your campervan? At VanMe, we are ready to equip your campervan with underfloor heating. Make your mobile adventure even more comfortable – with VanMe, every trip becomes a warm experience!

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