Streamline XL

The base

Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter
Length 2 and height 1
Front-wheel drive
Year of construction 2020
Streamline XL

The “Streamline XL” is one of the many concepts from our Streamline furniture series.

We have been producing this unique design language for 6 years. That was at a time when everyone was still thinking squarely.

The interior of this camper van is based on a Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 with a long wheelbase. As a registered installation partner of domestic high roof manufacturers, we have fitted a high roof to the vehicle and built a folding bed for standing height. Our tried-and-tested SL3 bench seat on a rail floor was added for two more sleeping and sitting areas.

As always, the kitchenette contains all the components that make up a fully-fledged campervan. The design and color language in this extension is simply harmonious.

4 Sleeping places
4 Seats
Base area
4,9 m²
Total mass
3.000 kg
Payload (empty)
436 kg

Displays & controls
Base plate
Roof hoods
Rotary console
Veneer work
High roof
Shore power 230V
Rail bottom
Sleeper bench
Parking heater
Cladding parts
Second battery
Ceiling lighting
Taps and showers
Indirect lighting
Individual components
Reading lamps
Furniture lines
Technical tests
Water tanks
Inverters and combined devices
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We have mounted a fixed high roof painted in body color on the Volkswagen T6.1 with long wheelbase.
We have designed a folding bed with a multi-part mattress for the fixed high roof.
The 2-burner spirit stove sits in a drawer that can be removed.
Our curves.
Proven for 6 years for beautiful rooms.
In addition to the fridge, a small pharmacy cabinet has been integrated into the furniture unit.
The furniture fronts were covered with matt green-grey HPL.

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