Cool boxes

What do I need this for in my campervan?

Hey campers! Your campervan is not just a means of transportation, but your home on four wheels. And what should definitely not be missing in your home on wheels? That’s right, a cool box! Here you can find out why a cool box is a must-have for your campervan adventure and how it makes your life on the road easier and tastier.

1. fresh food, always and everywhere:

With a cool box, worries about perishable food are a thing of the past. Whether you’re wandering through remote landscapes or on a city trip, your food will stay fresh and edible. This means more flexibility when planning your trip and the freedom to cook anytime, anywhere.

2. independence from supermarkets:

You know the feeling: you’re in the middle of nature, far away from supermarkets, and suddenly you get hungry for your favorite dish. With a cool box, you don’t have to search for the nearest market. You have everything you need with you and remain independent of the availability of fresh produce on site.

3. healthy eating on the go:

You don’t have to go without a healthy diet even when you’re on the move. A cool box allows you to integrate fruit, vegetables, yogurt and other fresh foods into your daily diet. This will keep you fit and invigorated for all the adventures that lie ahead.

4. cool drinks on hot days:

In warm temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than a cool drink. With a cool box, you always have cold drinks to hand, be it water, lemonade or your favorite drink. No more lukewarm bottles – enjoy the refreshment offered by a well-chilled cool box.

What requirements must be met for installation?

Are you convinced of the need for a cool box in your campervan? Great! However, before you go out and choose the perfect cooler, take note of these important requirements for installation:

1. space and ventilation:

Think about the best place for the cool box. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation to dissipate heat and optimize cooling performance. Good air circulation not only ensures efficient cooling, but also a longer service life for the cool box.

2. clarify power supply:

Most coolers require a power supply, either via the cigarette lighter or a separate battery. Check whether your campervan has the necessary connections or plan a retrofit if necessary. A reliable power supply is crucial for the function of the cool box.

3. select cooler type:

There are different types of coolers, including absorber, compressor and thermoelectric models. The choice depends on your needs and the space available. Absorber models are well suited for use with different power sources, while compressor coolers offer powerful cooling. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your campervan.

4. insulation and energy efficiency:

Pay attention to the insulation and energy efficiency of the cool box. Good insulation ensures that the cold is maintained for longer, even if the power supply is interrupted. An energy-efficient cool box minimizes energy consumption and conserves your campervan’s battery.

5. professional installation:

Installing a cool box requires specialist knowledge, especially when it comes to wiring and integration into the electrical system of your camper van. Have the installation carried out by experienced craftsmen to ensure that it meets the highest quality and safety standards. Our professionals make sure that your cool box not only looks cool, but also works perfectly.

Discover our range – cool boxes for your cool adventures!

Do you dream of a campervan in which you can not only explore the world, but also enjoy fresh food? We have the solution for you! Our selection of high-quality campervan coolers not only offers cooling, but also the freedom to always have your favorite food and drinks to hand. From compact thermoelectric coolers to powerful compressor coolers – we have the perfect cooler for your mobile adventure.

Our products are designed to withstand the challenges of camping life while offering the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. We understand that every camper is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of coolers so you can find exactly what suits your style and your campervan.

With our experience and expertise, we are happy to help you choose the ideal cool box for your campervan. Whether you’re looking for a space-saving thermoelectric cooler for day trips or a powerful compressor cooler for longer journeys – we have the solution for you!

You don’t just want a cool box, but complete campervan equipment? No problem! We also offer comprehensive equipment packages so that you get all the comforts of your home on wheels at once. Visit our website and discover the world of campervan equipment that’s perfect for you!

Prepare to enjoy the freshness of the road to the full with our high-quality cool box. Because when it comes to cool adventures, independence and enjoyment, we are your first choice. Your campervan will thank you – and your taste buds even more so!

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