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Why do I need a shower tray in my campervan?

Hey you adventurer! Are you dreaming of the ultimate freedom on wheels and a campervan that is not only stylish but also functional? Then VanMe is the right place for you! We are your experts for custom campervan interiors, and today it’s all about shower trays. But why is a shower basin in your campervan so important?

Comfort wherever you are

Whether you’re on a lonely mountain road or camping on a remote beach, the option of taking a refreshing shower should always be at hand. Our custom-made shower trays bring the comfort of your bathroom to you, wherever your adventures take you. Look forward to a relaxing shower after a day full of activities – that’s comfort on the go!

Independence in travel planning

With an integrated shower basin in your campervan, you are no longer reliant on campsites with shower facilities. Plan your route without restrictions and enjoy the freedom of being able to shower anywhere. Whether you are in the middle of nature or in an urban environment – your shower basin makes you independent.

Maintaining the value of your campervan

A tailor-made interior fitting from VanMe, including a shower tray, is not only a contribution to your well-being, but also an investment in the value retention of your vehicle. Thanks to high-quality materials and precise workmanship, we not only guarantee durability, but also an interior that enhances your campervan.

What requirements must be met for installation?

Are you convinced of the benefits of a shower tray and want to integrate it into your campervan? Here are the essential requirements that you should consider before installation:

Space and positioning

Before you get down to business, you should determine the perfect place for your shower tray. Our VanMe team will help you choose the best position to suit your needs. Whether you prefer more space at the start or the end of your campervan, we can adapt the shower tray to suit your needs.

Water supply and drainage

A smooth water supply and safe drainage of waste water are crucial for a functioning shower basin. VanMe not only integrates the necessary pipes, but also ensures reliable sealing to prevent possible water damage.

Material selection and processing

Quality is VanMe’s top priority. Our shower trays are made from hard-wearing, easy-care materials that are ideal for use in campervans. Precise workmanship guarantees not only a long service life, but also low maintenance.

Tailored to your needs

Every campervan is unique – just like its owner. At VanMe, we cater to your individual wishes. Whether special dimensions, special surfaces or additional extras – we adapt the shower tray to your needs and make your campervan something very special.


A shower basin is not just a practical element in a campervan, but a luxury you don’t want to do without when you’re on the road. At VanMe, we accompany you from planning to implementation and turn your campervan into a mobile oasis of well-being. Experience the freedom of traveling without compromise – with a custom-made shower tray from VanMe. Contact us today and let’s make your dream of the perfect campervan come true together!

Shower tray in Action

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