Streamline DC

The base

Mercedes Benz EQV
Length 2 and height 1
Rear drive
Year of construction 2023
Streamline DC

You glide towards the horizon without noise or exhaust fumes. Nevertheless, fully electric campervans are still rarely seen on road trips.

The “Streamline DC” from our company is one of this rare species.

We present one of the first furniture lines based on a Mercedes-Benz EQV with a medium wheelbase. The basis for this is our unique in-house furniture development. It retains its streamlined shape and changes direction even though it is fitted into the EQV’s interior trim. Many Mercedes-Benz features are thus retained, as is the charm of the fully clad EQV. But in the hands of VanMe, it becomes a real campervan.

This extension is also a good choice for anyone thinking about sustainability on vacation. We build the furniture from European poplar plywood. The flooring is made of organic vinyl (without chlorine, without solvents, with natural fillers), and the electrical system is also charged with solar power.

4 Sleeping places
4 Seats
Base area
4,9 m²
Total mass
2.940 kg
Payload (empty)
401 kg

Displays & controls
Pop-up roof
Base plate
Ceiling lighting
Rotary console
Veneer work
Taps and showers
Indirect lighting
Cool boxes
Shore power 230V
Reading lamps
Furniture lines
Technical tests
Cladding parts
Water tanks
Inverters and combined devices
Second battery
Individual components
Sleeper bench
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Fully electric camper based on a Mercedes Benz EQV from 2023.
The furniture and add-on parts were fitted into the existing interior trim of the V-Class.
The removable cooking box with 2-burner gas hob fits perfectly into the furniture line.
Our curves.
Proven for 6 years for beautiful rooms.

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