About VanMe

Where are we

On Europe’s largest river island

Our company is located directly on the Elbe.

It is located at Peutestraße 51B on the Veddel at the gates of Hamburg.

We were lucky to find this incomparable location. The hall was part of a margarine factory and is a listed building.

The round ceilings, the large open space and the many windows make it an absolute dream location. The ideal place to realize our and your dreams. Come by and see for yourself.

This is us

The characters of VanMe
Job description: Founder, Partner, Managing Director, Marketing & Sales / Bachelor of Science

It provides the necessary thrust to maintain the rotational speed.
Its contrail extends through all areas of the VanMe stratosphere.
Job description: Accounting, human resources, data maintenance & customer communication / tax clerk

When she enters the room, the slide rule moves as if by magic and spits out the result she gives it. She is the fairy godmother on the first floor.
team arne
Job description: Co-founder, partner, authorized signatory, project planning & production management / carpenter with old journeyman regulation/master craftsman

The streamlined craftsman athlete with interchangeable head. He accepts every challenge. Whether wood, metal or kryptonite, he works them all with the utmost precision.
DSC03152 1
Job description: Production planning, purchasing, quality management / former journeyman carpenter

If its sensitive antennae sense energy, such as stress, it approaches the generator and discharges the energy into the hall floor. Thanks to her experience in the craft, her calm radiates so strongly that randomly flying wood shavings become dancing miniature furniture.
team yannes
Job description: Foreman in the woodworking trade & all-rounder in all areas / old journeyman in the carpentry trade

He turns the wooden disk plates until they become square. In time with dipping saw teeth and the high singing of the CNC, he dances with components. With each pirouette, finished furniture bricks fly into the onlooking crowd.
DSC03199 1
Job description: Woodworking and bodywork / Journeyman carpenter

It moves smoothly through the workshop like a light spring breeze on a cherry blossom-covered slope. People like to take notice of it because it initiates change. His nature values self-respect and loyalty. These attributes make him an honorable craftsman before whom squared timbers bend with respect.
team florian
Job description: Preliminary planning, measurement & contour approval, CAD drawing & CAM programming / master carpenter

He is the master of fusion. Under his magical hands, customer ideas, virtual drawings and box trucks merge into unique dream campers. In his role, he leads a crowd of axes and sawtooths. It is a matter close to his heart to turn young padawans into masters.
DSC03119 1
Job description: 3D scanning, 3D models, CAD drawings & CAM programming / product designer

It does not simply perceive its environment, but scans it very precisely. He shoots millions of little question marks at the curved contours of his surroundings and measures the time it takes for them to return to him. From this, it calculates a three-dimensional image that visualizes the results. With the support of fine furniture, it transforms every panel van into a new campervan.
team caro
Job description: prospective carpenter

She learns the wisdom of the great wood Jedis and the transformation magic of the camper gods. She learns at lightning speed and uses her mental power to make things happen. She is on her way to becoming a camperjedi.
Job description: prospective carpenter

The number of Camperjedis is growing with this young talent. With his clear mind, he penetrates the carpentry material and does not let any varnish or oil stop him. Its energy resembles solar storms that reach the earth as smiley faces.
team bruno
Job Description: Cuddle Monster

He greets everyone with a wagging tail and has made it into quite a few hearts. Internally, they call him the boss, because he regularly makes his rounds and checks the situation at each workstation. If he chills, he is the first.
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Our history

The highlights
historyslider van
June 2015
The idea of the VanMe company was born during a stay in Australia.
Febrary 2017
The sole proprietorship VanMe is founded at Billwerder Billdeich 601f in Hamburg Bergedorf.
May 2017
The first version of VanMe’s website goes online at www.vanme.de.
October 2018
The first employee, Arne, was hired. He has helped make VanMe what it is today.
January 2019
A vertical panel saw is added to the machine park and the first commercial customer orders are realized.
Febrary 2019
The Streamline furniture was developed and sets new standards. The unforgettable curves were used for the first time in this concept.
December 2019
The company moves to its current location at Peutestrasse 51B.
Febrary 2020
The arrival of our brand new CNC machining center completely changes production and takes it to a new level.
March 2020
The VanMe company becomes a master craftsman’s business.
July 2020
The second version of the VanMe website goes online.
October 2021
Learning a trade at VanMe: Caro starts her training as a carpenter.
October 2022
The introduction of FUSION 360 catapults development and planning in the CAD/CAM sector to a high level in this industry.
March 2023
The second apprentice is taken on – Nico also wants to become a carpenter.
April 2023
Arne and Max found VanMe GmbH together.
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Our location

Welcome to our hallowed halls