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Hey campers! Do you dream of unlimited freedom and independence on your adventures? Then the second battery for your campervan is an absolute must-have. In this article, you will find out why you need a second battery and which requirements are important for installation.

Why do I need a second battery in my campervan?

1. electricity on the move:

The second battery is your mobile power source. This means you can easily power electronic devices such as fridges, lights, laptops or smartphones on the go without having to worry about a flat main battery.

2. self-sufficient camping:

With a second battery, you are independent of external power sources. This means self-sufficient camping, whether you are staying in the countryside or on a remote pitch. Enjoy freedom without restrictions!

3. increase in comfort:

The additional energy source provides more comfort during your travels. You can get by for longer without an external power supply and use your camper according to your needs.

4. safety in an emergency:

The second battery also serves as a backup power source. If the main battery is discharged, you still have enough energy to start your vehicle and continue driving safely.

What requirements must be met for installation?

1. vehicle type and model:

Every vehicle is unique. At VanMe, we analyze exactly which battery type and capacity is best suited to your campervan. This ensures that the second battery is perfectly integrated.

2. calculate the energy requirement:

Before we start with the installation, we clarify your individual energy requirements. From this we derive the required capacity of the second battery so that you have enough power available for your excursions.

3. charging technology and fuse protection:

We use modern charging technology to ensure that the second battery is optimally charged during the journey. We also provide professional protection so that you don’t have to worry about overloading.

4. placement and safety:

The positioning of the second battery is crucial. Our experts at VanMe not only consider optimal accessibility, but also security aspects in order to minimize sources of danger.

Discover freedom with the VanMe second battery

Ready for carefree travel with a constant power supply? Visit our website or get in touch with us. VanMe is ready to equip your campervan with a customized second battery. Discover freedom with the VanMe second battery and experience camping comfort on a new level!

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