Outdoor lighting

What do I need this for in my campervan?

Hey campers! Your campervan is not just a vehicle, it is your home on wheels, your personal retreat. When it comes to equipment, exterior lighting plays a crucial role – and here you can find out why it is not only functional, but also indispensable for your campervan experience.

1. create a cozy atmosphere:

The right outdoor lighting creates a cozy atmosphere around your campervan. Whether you want to relax under the stars or sit outside with friends – atmospheric lighting creates a pleasant environment and turns your campervan into a real home.

2. safe environment in the dark:

Safety first, especially when exploring remote places. The exterior lighting of your campervan not only provides pleasant lighting, but also ensures a safe environment in the dark. Whether you are moving around the campsite or parking in a secluded spot at night – well-lit surroundings give you a reassuring feeling of safety.

3. flexibility and freedom:

With the right outdoor lighting, you can enjoy flexibility and freedom in your campervan. Whether you’re cooking outside, reading a book or simply admiring nature – well-placed lights provide the necessary light for various activities and make your campervan versatile.

4. individual style and personality:

Your campervan reflects your personality, and exterior lighting is a way to show off your individual style. With various lamps, fairy lights or LED strips, you can customize your campervan to your taste and make it a real eye-catcher.

What requirements must be met for installation?

Are you convinced of the benefits of exterior lighting for your campervan? Fantastic! Before you light up your home on wheels, take note of these important installation requirements:

1. power supply and energy efficiency:

Make sure that the exterior lighting of your campervan has a good power supply. Check the energy efficiency of the light sources used, especially if you spend a lot of time away from power sources. LED lamps are an energy-saving option that also provide bright light.

2. weather resistance and robustness:

As your campervan is exposed to various weather conditions, it is important that the exterior lighting is weatherproof and robust. Make sure that the lamps and luminaires used are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand the stresses of rain, snow and sunlight.

3. mounting points and installation:

Think in advance about where you want to install the outdoor lighting and check the availability of mounting points. Installation should be simple and secure. Make sure that the lights are securely fastened so that they do not slip during the ride or in the event of vibrations.

4. legal regulations and glare:

Find out about the legal regulations regarding exterior lighting on vehicles in your region. Avoid glare and ensure that the lighting complies with legal requirements. Correct alignment and placement of light sources are crucial for safety and compliance with regulations.

Conclusion: Exterior lighting not only gives your campervan a personal touch, but also increases functionality and safety. Make sure that you carefully check the requirements for installation to ensure that your outdoor lighting not only achieves the desired effect, but is also durable and reliable. Get ready to bathe your campervan in atmospheric light!

Discover our range – exterior lighting for your individual campervan!

Now you may be wondering how best to get started. We have the perfect solution for you! Our selection of high-quality outdoor lighting for campervans not only offers style, but also functionality. From waterproof LED lights to flexible fairy lights – we have the perfect lighting for your campervan.

Our exterior lighting is designed to withstand the challenges of camping life while adding a personal touch to your vehicle. We understand that every campervan is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of lighting options so you can find exactly what suits your style and your campervan.

With our experience and expertise, we are happy to help you choose the ideal outdoor lighting for your campervan. Whether you are looking for atmospheric LED strips or practical lamps for outdoor use – we have the solution for you!

You don’t just want exterior lighting, but complete campervan equipment? No problem! We also offer comprehensive equipment packages so that you get all the comforts of your home on wheels at once. Visit our website and discover the world of campervan equipment that’s perfect for you!

Get ready to experience camping life in a new light with our high-quality outdoor lighting. Because when it comes to comfort, style and functionality, we are your first choice. Your campervan will thank you – and you will thank it even more!

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