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Welcome to VanMe – your expert for individual campervan interiors!

Hey campers! Do you dream of a campervan that is not only practical but also comfortable? At VanMe, we specialize in turning your campervan into a longsleeper – a place of comfort where you can spend restful nights on your adventures. In this article, you’ll find out why a long sleeper is the ideal addition to your campervan and what requirements you need to meet for installation.

Why do I need a long sleeper in my campervan?

1. comfortable sleeping area:

A long sleeper offers a spacious and comfortable place to sleep in the campervan. Enjoy restful nights and start each new day of your journey well rested.

2. space saving:

Compared to conventional beds, a long sleeper saves space. This is particularly advantageous in compact campervans, where every centimeter should be used efficiently.

3. multifunctionality:

A longsleeper can often be used multifunctionally. During the day, it serves as a cozy seat that can be transformed into a sleeping area in no time at all in the evening. This maximizes the use of your limited space.

4. customization to your needs:

At VanMe, we adapt the Longsleeper to your individual needs. Whether additional storage space, integrated lighting or special materials – we design your Longsleeper according to your ideas.

What requirements must be met for installation?

1. vehicle type and model:

The installation of a longsleeper is vehicle-specific. Our experts at VanMe analyze the specific features of your campervan and recommend the optimal solution for a comfortable sleeping space.

2. choice of material and upholstery:

The choice of materials and the quality of the upholstery have a significant influence on the comfort of the long sleeper. At VanMe, we rely on high-quality materials that are not only comfortable but also durable.

3. space utilization:

The correct positioning of the Longsleeper is crucial for efficient use of space. Our specialists at VanMe plan the installation so that you not only sleep comfortably, but can also make optimum use of the remaining space.

4. professional installation:

Installation requires manual skill and experience. Our experts at VanMe use their skills to install the Longsleeper professionally. Professional installation guarantees not only an attractive appearance, but also a high level of functionality.

Discover the comfort of a Longsleeper with VanMe

Ready for restful nights on your travels? Visit our website or contact us for more information. At VanMe, we are ready to equip your campervan with a cozy long sleeper. Make your campervan not just a vehicle, but a home on wheels – with VanMe, every night’s sleep becomes a dream!

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