Guinness Express

The base

Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Length 2 and height 2
All-wheel drive
Year of manufacture 2021
Guinness Express

The owner of this unique campervan is a lover of a drink made with roasted barley.

Just like the prized beverage, this campervan has a rather inconspicuous exterior and a colorful, unique interior.

For this reason, we have named the concept “GUINNESS Express”.

Based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with all-wheel drive and the beloved 6-cylinder engine, a space with an unprecedented floor plan was created. Thanks to many years of experience and special familiarity, the expansion does without a fixed bathroom. This makes the room appear very large and spacious. You sleep separately on two very comfortable single beds. The combination of American oak and turquoise-colored fronts creates a unique appearance.

A campervan concept where the feeling of space and the long evenings with cold drinks will remain in your memory.

2 Sleeping places
2 Seats
Base area
5,8 m²
Total mass
3.500 kg
Payload (empty)
389 kg

Displays & controls
Outdoor lighting
Base plate
Roof hoods
Ceiling lighting
Rotary console
Veneer work
Taps and showers
Rear garages
Indirect lighting
Individual components
Complete wheels
Rear carrier
Cool boxes
Shore power 230V
Reading lamps
Wall units
Seating furniture
Parking heater
Technical tests
Cladding parts
Water tanks
Inverters and combined devices
Second battery
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The elegance of curves paired with matt furniture fronts.
The ceiling paneling and wall units were covered with American oak veneer.
Two single beds to allow every sleeper the most beautiful dreams.
Mobile gas hob with 2 burners.

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